Workshop details for Division Contest

The Division H International Speech and Evaluation Contest is just two weeks away. We are holding two workshops, the first of which will be presented by Past Division Governor Chris Howell.

Where leaders are made, together.

Toastmasters makes leaders, yet leaders do not achieve on their own.

When you have a team of people, how do you decide what you are working towards, and how do you keep the energy going until you achieve it? In Toastmasters particularly, how do you encourage everyone to be engaged and to continue to contribute to the end of the club year?

We will go through a simple, fun and engaging process to help find the common ground that can be the foundation of a strong motivated team.  You will be able to take this process and use it to create energy and help to align your Toastmasters Club Teams. The process can also be used within other small organisation teams.

About Chris:
Chris Howell has been a member of Toastmasters since 1991 in Grosvenor Square Club, and transferred to Bromley Toastmasters when that club was formed in 1992.  Chris was a founder of Lewisham Speakers Club in 2008 and Division H Governor 2009-2010.  He has a background in Psychology, Organisation Development and NLP. He works internationally as a systems coach, trainer and consultant, specialising in leadership and how to influence alignment on vision and values within organisations and teams.

The Division H International Speech and Evaluation Contest will be held on Saturday the 26th of April at Capel Village Memorial Hall, The Street, Capel RH5 5LB. Workshops begin at 10am, contests at 2pm and we expect proceedings to conclude at 4pm. Please register at EventBrite, and bring £10 to cover venue hire and refreshments.

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