Celebrations Across the Division

Already two of our clubs have celebrated special milestones. On March 1st 25 years ago Arun Speakers chartered, and five years later on the same date, Guildford Speakers chartered as well. I was very proud to be able to attend both celebrations.

Arun Speakers held a very swish do at Chichester Yacht Club and I dusted off my posh frock. We were treated to a potted history of the club and it was wonderful to see so many people come together to celebrate such an achievement. There were also a number of founder members present, a very special treat. The clubs in Area 32 have a history of giving to the community and a raffle raised in excess of £200 for a local charity.

The following week Guildford Speakers held their celebration with a lovely dinner at a local pub, hosted by the inimitable Bob Nisbet. We held an all-in-fun contest with speakers required to include the line ‘to err is human, and it feels divine,’ which gave us the opportunity to share some rather amusing stories and perhaps share a little too much information. I feel that club meetings might benefit from being held after the pub get-together, rather than before…

Maidenhead Speakers will hold their 30th Anniversary dinner soon and I will report on that celebration too!

It’s not all about celebrating the past though. You might be interested to know that Division H is in equal first place for the number of clubs chartered this year, with three new clubs! It really is excellent, as the other divisions have only one or even none!! Onwards and upwards, as there are plans afoot for even more clubs!

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1 Response to Celebrations Across the Division

  1. Jacqui Hogan says:

    30 years, imagine that! We even have an original member who helped us to charter. It makes my 12 years as a toastmaster seem almost short. In that time, we’ve helped found a whole host of new clubs. Well worth a celebration.

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