Advanced Club for Area 55

Great news from Meg Heyworth, Area 55 Governor. I do hope you can support her, an advanced club is badly needed in our division.

Meg writes:

I have been made aware within my Area, 55, that there is a need for a forum for advanced speech delivery and Toastmaster information for new members, such as evaluation, mentoring, club leadership roles as training events.

It occurred to me that a good day to do this would be a Saturday morning and I have sourced a venue in Shoreham which is free and flexible so I thought that it would be worth trying perhaps to start with on a monthly basis.

So this is an invitation for all Toastmasters who might be interested in either delivering or learning on Saturday March 15th  at 10am until 12.30pm

The meeting will be at Homehaven Court, Swiss Gardens, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 5WH, in the lounge at my block of flats. You will need the code to get in so I will need to know that you might be attending or that you are interested but can’t attend in March.

My suggestion is that people get a chance to practice their contest speech in front of a new audience and other people can learn how to evaluate those speeches using the judges criteria and as an club evaluation.

To express an interest just reply to and pass this on to anyone else that you think might be interested.

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1 Response to Advanced Club for Area 55

  1. Jacqui Hogan says:

    Hope it went well Meg!

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