Catching Up (Part Three)

And for the final part of Catching Up…

On the 13th of November I went to the lunchtime meeting of Fluor Farnborough Speakers the next week, where the room was packed! I know I say it often, but it really is a pleasure to visit our clubs and see the difference Toastmasters is making in our communities. There is so much more we can do, however.

I went to the launch of a charity on Friday the 15th where I had a chat to Woking’s Deputy Mayor about about Toastmasters. The Mayor of Woking will be attending Woking Speakers again later this month, not on an official visit but as a private person wanting to improve her speaking skills. I can think of no better place to do that, can you?

I also spoke to our local MP about Toastmasters on the same evening. I asked him quite directly whether he had ever been given any feedback about the speeches he has given. He said he’d had lots of experience giving speeches… to which I said, yes, but your remarks are worked out well in advance of your presentations (a rueful expression flickered across his face at that) but does anyone actually give you feedback? You can’t improve without honest, genuine feedback. The poor guy has spent a small fortune on a speaking coach who was supposed to polish his presentation skills. I’m certain the money wasn’t completely wasted, but I can tell you from his presentation on Friday night, he needs Toastmasters! There is no doubt that the opportunity for constant practice and feedback in a safe environment results in much more effective communicators. Our clubs are doing that all over the south of England.

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