Catching Up (Part Two)

Welcome to Part Two of Catching Up…

The week of the 28th of October I only went to one toasties meeting – at my home club. It felt weird! I did a presentation from the Facilitating Discussion manual about the purpose of education in our society. It involved asking three members to give short speeches on their opinions on the topic then facilitating a discussion session afterwards. It was very challenging and fascinating work.

Bonfire Night saw me at Chiltern Speakers. Doug and I had a really enjoyable evening, and the thing I remember most was a moving speech entitled ‘Short’ about how one member dealt with her diminutive stature. I loved it, wonderful ancedotes, humour and honesty. And she won Best Speaker. I forgot to take a photograph though, so I will be back!

The next day I travelled down to Eastbourne Speakers. Two and a half hours after leaving home I found a quirky little bar with a friendly man standing behind said bar and a small gathering of lovely toasties in a corner. We made our way upstairs for a small but entertaining meeting. We heard about the potato famine and Olympic inspiration and imaginative table topics. It was a small meeting and it was in typical toasties style that everyone chipped in to make the meeting successful, with several members taking on multiple roles. This club has lost members to other clubs recently but I’ve no doubt they will grow again – they had a couple of guests the evening I visited and the meeting venue is so warm and welcoming. Again, I forgot to take photos so clearly another visit is in order!

As mentioned above, the weekend of the 8-10 November saw me in Colchester and I did more miles this weekend than I care to calculate, owing to a case of double-booking. I drove up to Colchester on Friday evening and felt pretty rubbish when I got there so I didn’t go to the bar.. just as well as I was up at 6.30 for a 7am meeting of the District Executive Council. I know we talked about some important stuff, but I can’t remember what it was… Unfortunately I’d developed a migraine so I stayed at the meeting until 9, went back to bed for a bit then back in another meeting at 11am. I perked up long enough to tell the members present some of the exciting things that are happening in the Division (working with the Prince’s Trust, Youth Leadership programs, workshops, innovative meetings.. I only had one minute!), then lunch and the Humorous Speech final. Bed for another half an hour as I was still feeling sick, then back to Guildford for a performance with my ladies barbershop chorus for the Guildford Freemasons. Back to Colchester at 11pm, hit the bar with Jean Gamester then craic until 1.30am, collapse in bed, up at 9am, breakfast, missed the Hall of Fame (will not do that next year!), Table Topics final, closing ceremony, back home to Woking, collapse into bed.

400 miles, 7 hours driving, three doses of Imigran.

Got home to find that my youngest daughter had broken her arm….

Are you as tired reading this as I am writing it?!

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