Division Report

Inspired by Mark Emanuelson’s monthly report for Area 21, I thought I might try something similar for the Division. Let me know what you think!

We have just over 650 members in our division and the biggest growth so far has been in Area 21. They have welcomed 36 new members to their clubs. Area 14 is in second place with 17 new members, 32 and 55 are even at 15 new members and 37 has 14 new members.

The growth in Area 37 is particularly amazing because they have lost two clubs this year, so in just three months two clubs have added 14 members! Well done Richard, Canterbury Speakers and Toasted Sandwich.

We have 12 new Competent Communicators, three more Advanced Communicators and two Competent Leaders. I think it’s really important to celebrate these achievements so if club presidents could give me the names of your achievers that would be wonderful.

Achieving these educational and administrative goals is more than just ticking boxes. They are a measure of how successful we are at helping people achieve their personal goals for developing public speaking skills. We know what a difference those skills make to our personal and professional lives and it’s important to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our members.

Our Area Governors are working hard and supporting their members as they promote Toastmasters in their communities. If you have some news I would love to hear about it. Please write an article of no more than 600 words and I’m happy to share it with the Division H community.

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