A Valuable Learning Experience

Apart from the amazing contests that were happening in our own division on the 5th of October, Division L in London held their contests, preceeded by some wonderful keynote speeches. Meg Heyworth, Area 55 Governor, attended and gave us a flavour of what went on…

I spent Saturday October 5th 2013 in London at the Division L workshop followed by their contests and it was certainly a day amongst my peers.

I had a morning of three keynote speakers, all giving us information on how to improve our speeches.

First on was Malachi Talabi, telling us the winning ways of public speaking. He had come second at the International Speech contest in 2011 and talked about including humour and adjusting your speech to suit your audience which were particularly interesting.

Next, we had Simon Bucknall giving a wonderfully interactive speech on “The Art of Connection” I had attended a previous workshop of his early in September and he has a very amusing and interactive way about him.

We also were treated to William Dempster telling us about his journey to America and began his speech by saying “this is going to be a really sad story” and came on in tears!! He also supported the idea that your speech needs to suit the audience as his was a really brilliant speech on drinking whisky delivered in a city in America known for alcohol abstainance so it did not go down well with the local audience!! Also, he said locals were the judges. Lesson learned!

Then to top it all we had Jim Lawless, who is the first Britain to dive to 101 meters in one breath. He told us about his 10 winning ways that then enabled him to learn to be a jockey in a year for a bet. A really funny and inspirational speech. I have been given permission to download his speech so I can share that with you if you would like as well.

In the afternoon I attended the Division L contest as a judge and the contestants were also inspiring, I am very pleased that the order of winners was as I had placed them! we have lots of brilliant contests ahead of us at the conference in November. This day reminded me how good it is to get out there and move in different circles.


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