Tips for promoting your event

Area 21 Governor Mark Emanuelson has a lot to be proud of! His Area Contest event saw over 60 attendees, which is a superb effort. Imagine if all of us could achieve that in our division, area and club events! You’re all organising excellent learning opportunities, whether it’s a simple club meeting or a special event like a contest so why not spread the word as far and wide as you possibly can.

Now, I know my weakness is definitely in marketing so I asked Mark Emanuelson to be the Assistant Division Governor for Marketing and he is really showing us how to do it. He’s shown us where we can grow new clubs and he’s demonstrated how to successfully promote a Toastmasters event, and here’s how he did it.

Mark says: “I used a flyer to promote the Area 21 Contest, saved it as a pdf and shared it with all the clubs.  I also opened up an event registration site on which is also easy to set up, and free if you are selling tickets or registrations for free.  It helped me to get a gauge on numbers and I had 60 registrations before the event.  These two things, with active e-mailing and promoting at meetings meant we had a very good turnout.  I had 80 chairs set out in the hall and was almost full, double what we usually get at an area contest.”

Congratulations, Mark, and I hope you all find these tips helpful.

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