Maidenhead Speakers in the News

It’s definitely contest time and our clubs and areas are busy selecting the best of the best to represent them at the Divsion Contest. Maidenhead Speakers in Area 21 used the occasion of their speech contest to get a bit of promotion in the local paper.

You can do the same for your club. Local papers are always looking for information about what’s going on in the local community but they don’t have the resources to send reporters and photographers out to your meetings, unless you have a visit from a local dignitary, such as the mayor. You can write your own article, attach a high resolution photograph and email to your local newspaper editor. Your article should be written in such a way that solves a problem the newspaper readers might have rather than trying to ‘sell’ your club. Talk about the great things your club is doing in the community, the difference your club is making to its members. If you need some inspiration, have a look at Robin Chawner’s email to his local paper and don’t forget to thank your paper for including your article. Column inches are money after all and you’ve just received a free ad!

Do let me know if you get an article published in your local paper, I’d be very pleased to share it with the rest of the division.

Advertiser Contest Article

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1 Response to Maidenhead Speakers in the News

  1. farrelljulie says:

    Congrats to Chris for also winning both HS & TT at Area 21’s contest today! All of us at Maidenhead are very proud! 🙂

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