Area 21 Monthly Report

Area 21 Governor Mark Emanuelson reports on a great month. Clubs are growing, members achieving and the District contest is in his sights…

* All clubs in our area are in “good standing”
* Each club is earning Distinguished Club points
* Clubs are growing and thriving

Distinguished Club points league table:

4 – Maidenhead Speakers
3 – Windsor Speakers
2 – FM Global Communicators
2 – Wokingham Speakers
1 – Chiltern Speakers

Remember, the point of reaching for Distinguished Club status as explained at our recent club officers training is not just to get a fancy ribbon for your club banner.  The real point is that the goals in the criteria reflect what makes a club successful, adding new members, fostering member growth and achievement, and completing administrative tasks on time.  In your committee meetings, revisit your progress and continue to stay focused on achieving Distinguished.  If you do, then you will have a successful club for your members.

And here is how our clubs are doing so far:

New members since 1st July:
8 – Maidenhead Speakers
7 – Windsor Speakers
4 – Wokingham Speakers
1 – FM Global Communicators
0 – Chiltern Speakers

New Competent Communicators this year:
2 – FM Global Communicators

New Advanced Communicators this year:
1 – Maidenhead Speakers

New Competent Leaders this year:
1 – Windsor Speakers

Well done to those clubs who have members competing their manuals.  Make sure you are getting new members logged with Toastmasters International in a timely basis so they receive their materials.  And, when experienced members are achieving their CC, AC, or CL awards, let’s get their forms in right away so they are recognised and keep the momentum building your club.

Finally, I want to congratulate those clubs who have run a successful speech contest, and are preparing to send their best speakers to the Area Contest on the 5th.  You might reach out to your club winners to see if they needed any advice and coaching to go to the next level.  It’s important they rise to the challenge, have a positive experience, and we put forth strong and motivated winners to compete for us at the division contest.  We have such excellent talent in our area.  Our speakers should be routinely featured in the national competition.

All the best, Mark

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4 Responses to Area 21 Monthly Report

  1. farrelljulie says:

    Thank you for this update! 🙂

  2. Steve Cann says:

    That was very interesting & informative – thanks Vanessa. Good to see the overall picture from Area’s perspective too 🙂

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