Lewes Speakers Celebrates

Lewes Speakers was one of the first clubs in the District to charter this year and I paid them a visit on the 10th of September. Club President Jeff Grace will proudly tell you that Lewes meets in the former home of Thomas Paine, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. It is quite something to meet in the same room where he might have spoken on the pitfalls of the monarchy and pondered the possibility of emigrating to the colonies…

The Mayor of Lewes attended the meeting and she gave us a personal, inspiring insight into how she made the transition from shy music teacher to politician. We had a fun topics session and delicious food to celebrate the occasion.

2013-09-10 21.40.23One of the most wonderful aspects of being Division Governor is the opportunity to welcome a new club to the Toastmasters family. The President’s regalia represents a great deal of hard work and effort on the part of many dedicated people who know what a difference a Toastmasters club makes to the lives of its members. The regalia also represents the lives the club will touch and influence as it grows. So I raise a glass to Lewes Speakers. Thomas Paine would have been proud!

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