Visits to Woky and Arun

Last week I made visits to Wokingham Speakers and Arun.

Wokingham SpeakersThe Lady Mayor of Wokingham was in attendance and we had a fab evening with crazy topics and amazing speeches. I evaluated Amanda’s goodwill speech about Toastmasters, a very approriate topic for a brand new club. We also had a super speech about the difference between men’s and women’s brains and the history of management (who knew it had so much to do with the military!). The topics session was great, ranging from a new superhero on the block, to what date in time would you like to travel to (a very moving speech from a member whose brother died in childbirth) and all ably led by Toastmaster of the Evening, Mell Shepherd. Lots of us when to the pub afterwards and spent a very pleasant hour or so chatting in the warm air. Wokingham had lots of guests too and I’ve no doubt they will continue to grow.

Anne-MarieI also visited Arun speakers and had the pleasure to give a General Evaluation. What a superb club Arun is! So much to celebrate, including the President’s birthday! The Toastmaster of the Evening had an appropriate theme, Accomplishment, and I can see why this club is so successful. Members are good friends and newcomers are rapidly made part of the group. It’s very much the safe learning environment I love to see in Toastmasters clubs.

Wokingham meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday in the month and Arun on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday. If you’re at a loose end I heartily recommend a visit to these two clubs, you’ll have a brilliant evening.

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