Club Officer Training for Area 14

2013-07-31 19.40.12 Time once again for the club officers of Area 14 to gather for Club Officer Training. It was a lovely warm evening, the hall was pleasant, if a little echo-y, and it was great to see people meeting and having a good catch-up.

We had a warm welcome from Area Governor Christina MacGuire, who then introduced the first speaker, Marlane Heard. She lead us in a group activity where we teased out the roles and responsibilities of club officers. We learned that clubs can sometimes do things slightly differently from one another, but there is no one right way and as long as it all gets done it’s all good 🙂

2013-07-31 20.27.36I talked a little bit about the performance of the area last year. I was particularly proud of the performannce of Farnham Speakers, who managed to nearly double their membership over the course of the year and achieve 5 DCP goals! However, due to an error at TI their achievement has not been recognised, but I’m working with the District Governor to try and fix this. I am very grateful for the support shown by all the clubs in the area to our pre-charter club at Fluor Farnborough and I’m sure they will charter very soon – only four or five members needed!

Cathy Richardson from Camberley shared the amazing work Camberley Speakers is doing with social media, a very valuable session that I hope to share with the division soon.2013-07-31 19.46.55

Finally, David Henderson from Guildford Speakers discussed ways and means for getting into speaking outside Toastmasters. David is a former airline pilot and he does talks on cruise ships. I’m pretty sure some of us would like to have a bit of that, and we’ve all got something worthwhile to share!

Congratulations to Christina for putting together a fun and educational session of Club Officer Training. It was certainly an enjoyable evening.

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