Innovative COT at Area 21

Area 21 COTOn Wednesday the 24th of July I made my way over to FM Global for Area 21’s Club Officer Training. There was a splendid turnout, every club in the area was able to send four or more club officers along, so not only was there a buzzing audience but all clubs have achieved half a DCP goal!

I was really pleased to see Jean Gamester again. We have a ball when we get together, she always makes me laugh and although I promised not to giggle during her presentation on Moments of Truth she didn’t make it easy for me. She was talking about crochet at one point, for heaven’s sake! 2013-07-24 20.56.25Anyway, in spite of my interruptions she gave us a wonderful journey into the Toastmasters world, from that first nervous step through the door to achieving so much more than most of us imagine, to life taking us away again, but always with great memories of our Toastmasters club. Your club can ensure a great experience for all by regularly doing the Moments of Truth educational. It really is an MoT for your club. If your area governors have visited they will probably have mentioned the MoT, if not, do try to do it in your club, you will gain helpful insight into your members’ perceptions and pick up ideas for improvement.

Area Governor Mark Emanuelson gave us a superb presentation of the DCP program and it’s usefulness as a measure for healthy, growing clubs. He also identified potential location for new clubs so Area 21 is set for some serious growth this year!

Jacqui Hogan told us all about contests and how to run a successful event. Jacqui’s first introducation to Toastmasters was on a contest night, she signed up on the night and competed in the Table Topics contest! I think that probably would have scared me off right then, but I’m glad Jacqui didn’t get frightened off because now we’re all benefiting from her experience.

Some crazy lady wearing a Division Governor ribbon did a presentation on the Toastmasters Educational Program which, in spite of the milestones that looked like tombstones, a couple of people found helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

After the break we broke out into small 2013-07-24 20.56.43groups and brainstormed some ideas for how to actually do the things we discussed. I led the group on how to deliver the Educational Program in our clubs and we came up with a load of useful ideas.

The room buzzed all evening and it was wonderful to meet another group of motivated and excited Toastmasters. Area 21 is on track for a very successful year!

P.S. The links will take you to the TI site where you can download the presentations for free. You don’t have to use the TI ones, you can do your own thing as long as you present the information contained in the program. It counts towards your Advanced Communicator award too!

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  1. farrelljulie says:

    It was an excellent and enjoyable evening ๐Ÿ™‚

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