Area 32 COT

A32COT2On sunny Saturday I travelled down to Chichester for Area 32’s COT for a superb afternoon of fun and learning.

The session opened with an innovative warm-up about cliches. Everyone was asked to think of a cliche and there were lots of good ones, but my favourite one was ‘if you’re not at the table you’re probably on the menu.’ Made everyone laugh!

Next we did a simple ball-throwing activity. We were asked to throw it in different ways – gently, quickly, more balls added and we found ourselves thinking about the importance of teamwork and communication.

We broke into small groups to discuss the different roles and find out how different clubs ensure all the necessary jobs are covered. There is a lot of overlap and as long as it’s all done it doesn’t matter much who does it.

A32COT1Gavin gave us an introduction to EasySpeak, I gave an overview of the structure of TI and the decision-making process as well as a plug for the educational events being planned for the division. Past Area Governor Sandra Rampton presented some awards to the clubs for achievements last year and we all adjourned for a lovely curry afterwards!A32Award1


There is a lot of energy in Area 32, lots of excited and switched-on people doing great things for their clubs. They are organising educational events, social events and promotional events for their clubs. It’s going to be a brilliant year for Tim Rampton and the Area 32 members.

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