And so it begins…

The 3rd of July, the third day of my year as division governor and I have visited three clubs. Not bad going!

I visited The Bank of America pre-charter club on Monday. Not actually a DivH club but so easy to get to and they needed an evaluator so I popped up to Canary Wharf. Tall buildings, lots of people sitting on the grass watching the tennis after work, not a bad life! The attendance was a bit low, so I was told, but I think 15 people is pretty good for a pre-charter club. Their president was full of beans and did a fantastic topic about splitting his trousers on the way to work that morning.. I really must go back there!

On Tuesday I drove down to Ramsgate to visit Ambassadors Speakers. They meet in the staff room of a local primary school and although the meeting was small it was enthusiastic. One speaker proved beyond a shadow of doubt that women are blessed with ESP by means of a spell-binding card trick. I always knew we ladies had talents heretofore undiscovered. In a bid to boost numbers Ambassadors are holding a three-week course on public speaking, more information to follow..

I enjoyed the hospitality of last year’s area governor, Yvonne Forbes. She gave me a comfy bed and, appropriate for what was to come, a toasted sandwich for supper…

On Wednesday I left Ramsgate, stopped for a photo of a windmill then made my way alongWindmill at Ramsgate the coast to Sandwich. Past Division Governor and current Area Governor Richard Murray met up with me for a coffee and told me all about the Meetup site, which looks like an awesome way to publicise clubs. It costs about $70 for a year and administrators can add up to three groups. People in the local area looking for something to do search and your Toastmasters club appears! Your administrator has made the site look really attractive with lots of photos, comments from members and visitors and updates about what goes on at meetings. Visitors click the link to say they’ll come along and you’ve got a new member! Well, obviously there’s a bit in between, like holding a super meeting but that’s easy for you. For more information, contact Richard Murray or have a look at what Canterbury Communicators does.

Don Clarke of Toasted Sandwich is inspiring young people via a science and technology program called STEM and he’s looking out for opportunities where our Toastmasters skills can be beneficial. Any Toasties willing to help out, please contact Don, I’m sure he’d appreciate your input.

Cool stuff that Toasted Sandwich do: they keep some table topics in a box in case of a last minute speech dropout. That way the pressure’s off the table topics master and the members get more opportunities to speak. Toasted Sandwich also ask their evaluators to introduce the speakers and they invite the General Evaluator to the stage to talk about their role.

So that’s it for my first three days as Division Governor. Pretty busy and exciting so far! Please have a look around the site, I’ve uploaded a whole lot of dates you might find helpful, and there’s a Dropbox folder with lots of information about contests and educationals. More will be added as the year unfolds, I’m sure!

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2 Responses to And so it begins…

  1. Kate McNeilly says:

    Excellent. Know you are a woman Divn Governor, but give your name to personalise & not hide behind a title :). Have a great year!

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